About Sari Fried-Fiori Photography

When I enter the present moment through my photography, the world opens up in startling ways. Small details take on a powerful significance. Big details suggest intimate secrets. The chaotic interplay of life’s moments reveals a deeper meaning beyond what’s visible, a natural order expressed through color, shadow, texture, light and line. My work is an expression of direct seeing, reflecting my perception of the diverse world around me.  It also represents a variety of perspectives including abstract, literal, ironic, and metaphorical.

To me, everyday life is filled with a uniqueness that requires little enhancement. I shoot things as I find them and do very little post-processing. My images have not been "set up" to shoot or “created” in Photoshop during post-processing. 

I have been photographing my world for the past 10 years and in 2012 made the decision to devote myself to being a fine art photographer on a full time basis. My recent Credits include:  Published a photo in Glamour Magazine, February 2014 issue; Had one of my photos selected to be included in the See Me exhibit held on the Jumbotrons in Times Square, NY in 2014; Received “Honorable Mention” in the Wonders of Water Terra Bella Competition in 2014; Exhibited two works at Dragonfly Gallery in Austin Texas, August 2013; Sold several photographs to collectors including the San Antonio University Health System, Fulbright & Jawarski LLP, and several individual collectors, 2013; Held my first Solo Exhibit – OPEN EYE, October 2012, Exhibited 46 Photographs.

I hope my work inspires others to slow down, open their mind's eye, and experience the world around them in new ways.


Sari Fried-Fiori